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The MACSP membership renewal period is now open for
Fiscal Year 2025 (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025).
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Benefits of Membership

The Maine Association for Community Service Providers (MACSP) is an association of organizations that provide supports and services to children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Brain Injuries. Our mission is to support this vision and our membership via networking, training, education, and advocacy with the public and at all levels of government.

MACSP’s vision is that each member organization will have the resources and support they need to provide premier and quality services to every person they serve.

As a member you will receive weekly updates and communications on State and regional issues, access to participation in multiple services-specific committees with colleagues and leaders from across Maine, training and technical assistance events, as well as discounts for MACSP events.

Additionally, when you join MACSP your organization becomes a member to ANCOR at no cost. ANCOR is a national association of over 2,000 members that works to shape policy and share solutions to strengthen the ability of community-based providers to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their federal advocacy and high quality trainings are just two of the benefits available through MACSP membership.

MACSP members are eligible to join the Association’s 401K Multiple Employer Plan with Mutual of America. To learn about the plan, click here.

For more information about joining MACSP, contact MACSP Membership Coordinator, Rebecca Emmons at [email protected] or (207) 563-1883.

Types of Membership

Full Membership – for Service Providers

Full Membership may be granted to a private agency or an individual who provides residential service and/or educational, vocational, community and/or home supports to children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Brain Injuries, or other related conditions. The agency or service must be enrolled, licensed, certified, or approved by state, county, or local government agencies where such enrollment, licensure, certification, or approval is required. Agencies and service providers must confirm their willingness to adhere to the MACSP Quality Pledge. Agencies and service providers must maintain their membership eligibility through the payment of annual dues. Agencies and service providers that have had their privilege to provide services to persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Brain Injuries revoked by a governmental licensing or certification agency will also lose their eligibility for Full Membership in MACSP. Link here for application, or contact Membership Coordinator, Rebecca Emmons, at [email protected].

Associate Membership – for Allies, Collaborators and Vendors

Associate Members fall within three (3) categories: Endorsed Vendors, Collaborators, and Allies.

  • Endorsed Vendors are individuals and organizations which provide services that support agencies which qualify for Full Membership. This category is most appropriate for an individual or corporation that provides contracted consultation services. 
  • Collaborators are individuals and organizations which seek to partner with MACSP on shared initiatives and do not qualify for Full Membership.
  • Allies are peer associations or non-profit organizations that have a common interest, shared vision or mission and a desire to support MACSP to achieve Association goals and objectives. Allies have access to Association Committee meetings one time per fiscal year quarter.  Entities that sell a product or service are not eligible for the membership level.

Link here for the application, or contact Membership Coordinator, Rebecca Emmons, at [email protected].

Check by in Early July 2024 to renew your Associate Membership!

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MACSP Membership Dues

Our membership year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Dues for each organization are based on the total revenue for services provided in Maine for Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, and Brain Injuries. The source of the information should be the results of the most recent audited financial statements of the organization.

The following are Sections under the MaineCare Benefits Manual which are presumptively services provided to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities or brain injuries: Section 13, Section 18, Section 19, Section 20, Section 21, Section 28, Section 29, Section 50, Section 65, Section 97-Appendix F and Section 102. Additionally, as of July 1, 2024 revenue generated by Special Purpose Pre-School (SPPS) programs should be included when calculating the organization’s qualifying revenue.

If you also provide services for individuals outside of Developmental Disabilities Services, the revenue from those services should not be included in your dues calculation.

A chart with corresponding dues levels can be found below.  

Dues Categories for 2024- 2025

LevelIDD RevenueDues
XV$40,000,000 +$6,995

Note: New member’s dues will be prorated in the following way: 1) if approved for membership from July to December, payment will be at 100%; 2) if approved for membership from January to April, payment will be at 50%; and 3) if approved for membership from May to June, payments will be at 25%.

Photo montage of MACSP members and staff.
MACSP members from across Maine during the summer of 2022.

Quality Pledge

MACSP’s Quality Pledge embodies standards of conduct for members of MACSP and within the supports provided, in professional relationships with persons served, with parents and guardians of individuals served, with colleagues, with related agencies and professions, and with the community as a whole. In abiding by these standards, it is understood that the member views his or her obligations in as wide a context as the situation requires, taking all the principles into consideration and choosing a course of action consistent with the spirit and intent by which they were created.  Click here to MACSP’s Quality Pledge.

If you are an existing member and would like to renew your membership, click here for our online renewal form.

If you would like to become a MACSP member, click here for our new member application.

If you have a question about renewing your membership or becoming a new MACSP member, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Rebecca Emmons, at [email protected] or by phone at (207) 563-1883.