MACSP’s Mission

The Maine Association for Community Service Providers (MACSP) is a statewide association of organizations that provide supports and services to children and adults with intellectual and other disabilities. MACSP works with many bureaus, offices, and departments of state government and other appropriate groups to promote standards and values in supporting people with disabilities people as a public trust, demonstrating integrity, compassion, and respect for individual differences and choices.

The mission of MACSP is to represent individuals and organizations who support persons with disabilities to live, learn and work in the community of their choice through legislative action, organizational advocacy, training and public education.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics embodies certain standards of conduct for members of MACSP and within the supports provided, in professional relationships with persons served, with parents and guardians of individuals served, with colleagues, with related agencies and professions, and with the community as a whole. In abiding by these ethics, it is understood that the member views his or her obligations in as wide a context as the situation requires, taking all the principles into consideration and choosing a course of action consistent with the spirit and intent by which they were created.

Types of Membership

Full Membership. Full Membership may be granted to a private agency or an individual who provides residential service and/or hourly supports to persons with intellectual or other related disabilities. The agency or service must be licensed, certified or approved by state, county, or local government agencies where such licensure, certification, or approval is required. Agencies and service providers must confirm their willingness to adhere to the MACSP Code of Ethics. Agencies and service providers must maintain their membership eligibility through the payment of annual dues. Agencies and service providers that have had their privilege to provide services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities revoked by a governmental licensing or certification agency will also lose their eligibility for Full Membership in MACSP.

Associate Membership. Associate Membership may be granted to groups or individuals, real or corporate, who are engaged in activities which relate to the objectives of MACSP and who are not eligible for Full Membership. Associate Members shall be ineligible to hold office or vote in the affairs of MACSP. Associate Members may attend all general membership meetings, committee meetings, annual business meetings and conventions and at the member rate.

Dues Categories for 2019-2020

The membership year runs from July 1 – June 30. Dues for each agency are based on the total of an agency’s budget that is paid for services provided in Maine for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The source of the information should be the results of the most recent audited financial statements of the agency.


Budget Size

Duespage2image2068584672 page2image2068587792

Associate Membership


page2image2028805840 page2image2028806224$802.50









page2image2028774336 page2image2028812960$1,544.96



page2image2028735760 page2image2028736304$1,888.29






page2image2069365536 page2image2069363104$2,728.50



page2image2069377600 page2image2069373136$2,942.50






page2image2069395200 page2image2069391616$3,477.50



page2image2068517936 page2image2068518192$3,798.50



page2image2068603232 page2image2068599472$4,066.00








$25,000,000 & Up


The following are Sections under the MaineCare Benefits Manual which are presumptively services provided to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities: Section 13, Section 19, Section 20, Section 21, Section 28, Section 29, Section 50, Section 97-Appendix F.

Note: New member’s dues will be prorated in the following way: 1) if approved for membership from July to December, payment will be at 100%; 2) if approved for membership from January to April, payment will be at 50%; and 3) if approved for membership from May to June, payments will be at 25%.

Please make checks payable to: Maine Association for Community Service Providers, PO Box 149, Hallowell, ME 04347