MACSP is NO on Question One

MACSP is committed to real solutions that meet the needs of Mainers with disabilities. Question One will make it more difficult for Mainers with disabilities to access the support they need now by creating more bureaucratic barriers and waitlists.

Question One will deprive Maine people of over $600 million in matching Medicaid funds.

  • Question One creates a duplicative healthcare system completely reliant on Maine tax dollars without any Federal match, depriving Maine of two-thirds matched funding through MaineCare.
  • Question One will not eliminate the current waitlist for home and community-based services. The cost of providing services to 1800 Mainers waiting for Section 21 services alone exceeds the projected revenue of Question One.
  • Question One directs its board to “curtail services” and “restrict the total amount of services to eligible persons” when the funds run out, creating more waitlists without matched funding.

Question One will harm Mainers with disabilities and direct care workers.

  • Question One violates the privacy of Maine people and direct care workers by directing the release of their contact information to its board and anyone who can provide 250 signatures requesting it.
  • Question One will make it difficult to access current services by creating alternative waitlists which may be required before seeking MaineCare services.
  • Question One does not raise wages for direct care workers and creates a duplicative system thereby increasing the direct care workforce shortage for Mainers who need help now.

MACSP is committed to real solutions that meet the needs of Mainers with disabilities. We will continue to address the workforce crisis and eliminate waitlists for home and community-based services for Mainers with disabilities.

Question One will make it more difficult for Mainers with disabilities to access the support they need now by creating more bureaucratic barriers and waitlists. Maine is currently experiencing a direct care workforce shortage which will be made worse by Question One, making it more difficult to pay direct care workers the wage they need and deserve.

Who are Direct Care Workers?

A Direct Support Professional is a person who provides guidance and support to an individual with a disability.

How do Direct Care Workers Help?


The Maine Association for Community Service Providers (“MACSP”) are the organizations providing
community supports and services to Maine children and adults with disabilities